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Welcome to the Pami Conus website! 



This site is being maintained for the purpose of re-aquainting the men and women who served at the Personnel Accounting Machine Installation, Continental United States, especially those who served when PAMI was located in Maryland.
Several of us who were stationed at PAMI Conus have tried to stay in contact and are always seeking others who were stationed at PAMI or worked there as civilians. We welcome the PAMI "ites" who came before us or after us to join the fun.

Those who have been in contact all seem to share a common thought; " no matter where else we may have served, the time we were stationed at PAMI is one of the best times of our lives".

This site was created with the intent of having some fun and reconnecting people with whom many of us have shared some great times. Hey, do you remember.......Fiddler's Green!,  barracks 612 and 613,  the WAVE barracks, swimming in the Susquehanna river, the shack at the Susquehanna river, vodka and eggs, hitchhiking up the NJ turnpike on Friday nights (NY and NJ folks),  Perryville, Aberdeen, the Proving Grounds and more.........!!

I' m sure everyone who has been a part of PAMI has their own memories. Let's have some fun and share those memories with each other. And don't forget to sign the guestbook and take the survey!

The Main Gate....then



The Main Gate....today